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I live with my lovely wife (Katie) and spirited ten-year old son (Felix) in Morden, Surrey; working full-time as an internal communications specialist in the Oil & Gas sector. I have played sport, particularly hockey, tennis all my life and now regularly go to the gym. Cystic fibrosis has been a huge factor in my life, but not one that overshadows it. I have always had great support from my loving family - parents Margaret and Douglas (RIP), elder brother Chris and my twin brother Jez. I have many rich life insights based on knowing I have a reduced life expectancy and battling against the odds for over 44 years. My eyes and heart have been opened by my health struggle. I feel empowered to share my life lessons to help anyone with health and life issues to overcome. My passions include Paul Smith clothes, dress shirts (believing that it's enlightening to dress like it's your last day on earth), Alfa Romeo cars, spicey food, Harlequins and England rugby, Southampton FC, Wimbledon village and common, Dorset, seascapes, sunsets and military history. I am available for public speaking on this subject matter and can be contacted via timwottonAThotmailDOTcom. I have written a book 'How have I cheated death?' based on my euphoric countdown year to 40 which was published in 2014 and won the 2015 'Best Achievement' Award at the UK People's Book Prize. It is available via e-book, audiobook and paperback at Amazon and to order from UK bookstores. Go to the relevant sites below or in the UK go to a WH SMITH, Waterstones or Foyles bookstore and give them my name, book title and this ISBN number (9781849637190). It’s also available via GARDNER’S, BERTRAM’S, AUSTINMACAULEY.COM, BLACKWELL’S, PLAY.COM, AMAZON.CO.UK AND AMAZON.COM

One more try

As we countdown to Christmas, I offer you the gift of prose – a resilience poem – which I reckon all of us can benefit from… I honestly believe that there are very few people who live a charmed life, despite appearances … Continue reading

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TIM Talk

Exciting news… I have been invited to speak and promote my Cystic Fibrosis (CF)* book at the Wantage Betjeman Literary Festival in late October. Find out more… A life battling the chronic conditions of CF and diabetes is full of … Continue reading

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Reach for the sky

Much has happened over these last few months to make me look up towards the heavens… The expression ‘the sky’s the limit’ is used when there are no limits to what something or someone can achieve and to demonstrate that … Continue reading

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Nine things I’d love to tell my 20-something self

What life lessons would you share with your younger self? Here, I tell my 20-something self some important things about life and coping with the chronic illness cystic fibrosis (CF)*… Over 46 years, I have learnt so many physical and … Continue reading

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A Song for Tomorrow

People with the chronic illness cystic fibrosis* (CF) definitely know that nothing is forever… here’s why…   A book has recently been published which lifts the veil on Alice Martineau, a CF heroine and brilliant singer and songwriter who has … Continue reading

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly neatly sums up the last few months in my battle with the chronic illness cystic fibrosis (CF)*… The Good Felix, my sprightly nine year old son, has started playing field hockey. He’s been … Continue reading

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Miss List

What are the top 5 things you’ll miss when you’re gone and how can you enjoy them before it’s too late? Recent events in the world have left me rather dazed. From the shocking terrorist attacks in France, Belgium, Turkey … Continue reading

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